Monsters of Rock and Marquee Club specials Sleazy Rock n Roll Show

Monsters of Rock and Marquee Club specials

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In the new year we will be doing Donington Monsters of Rock and Marquee Club editions of the Sleazy Rock N’ Roll Show.

We obviously don’t need to go near the big boys that topped the bills, but what about those intrepid souls that took to the stage early in the day to a barrage of piss filled bottles?

Do you know anyone that has played at Donington? How about any festival organisers or roadies? Please get in touch.

The Marquee Club show will be based around memories of the great venue and live bootlegs recorded at the venue. Did you play at the Marquee Club (Wardour Street or Charing Cross Road only)? What were the best shows you saw there as a fan? Did you queue all night to get Aerosmith, Kiss, Ozzy or Motley Crue tickets? Did you stumble into the club not knowing who you were going to see only to discover it was a future superstar? Maybe you supported or played with someone at the Marquee that went on to be a megastar? Please get in touch


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