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Taking requests and accepting YOUR band’s songs

We need you…. we want to hear from bands that want us to play their tracks on the Sleazy Rock N Roll Show and we wanna hear from Sleazy Rock N’ Roll fans wanting to share their unsung classic song choices with the rest of the world.

The Sleazy Rock N’ Roll Show is coming soon

It is nearly here…. sponsored by the Sleazy Rock N’ Roll Show podcast will be dedicated to bands that sing about haulin’ ass, getting fucked up and having a good time. So from classic rock and New York punk to forgotten Brit Rockers and long lost legends of the Sunset Strip.

Kiss finally in on the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame farce, but don’t dispair

The nominations for the 25th Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony have been announced with finally Kiss are on the list along with the Stooges – as well as bunch of old shite that if I start to even discuss will cause me to have a stroke.
But don’t panic as a credible alternative to the R&RHoF farce is on its way