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Sleazy Rock N Roll Show – Episode 7: Sweden Rocks

The Sleazy Rock N’ Roll Show heads north to the land of the midnight sun with a Sweden Rocks special edition which includes an exclusive interview with Conny Bloom from the Electric Boys.

Sleazy Rock N Roll Show – Episode 6: Sunset Strip Revisited (part 1)

The Sleazy Rock N’ Roll Show is joined by Jetboy’s wearer of awesome T-shirts and all round guitar hero, Billy Rowe for a chat about the good old days of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

Sleazy Rock N Roll Show – Episode 5: Rock Chixx Special

Celebrating the wonderful and joyous creatures that are ROCK CHIXX. So singing Girl Girls Girls at the top of our lungs whilst sticking a tenner in the G-string of a rock n’ roll stripper, we salute the ladies of rock.

Sleazy Rock N’ Redneck Show – Episode 4

The Sleazy Rock N’ Roll Show’s redneck cousin comes to play…..

In a complete change of plan, Episode 3 was ditched and replaced with it’s inbred redneck cousin, Episode 4. Still sleazy, but this time with added moonshine, a pickup truck, penchant for domestic violence and incest, this is the trailer park living Southern roots of Sleazy Rock N’ Roll

Sleazy Rock N’ Roll Show – Epsiode 2

This episode is much longer, better and still sponsored by www.BathroomWall.co.uk – Gloriously Unofficial Rock N’ Roll T-shirts – with music from Wildhearts, Ace Frehley, Glitterati, Mott The Hoople, Davy Vain, Hot Leg, Steel Panther and Star Star. Myspace Track of the Week, Twitter You Twat, Sleazy’s Sunday Love Songs and plenty of other stuff

Sleazy Rock N’ Roll Show – Episode 1

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