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Forthcoming Shows

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Thanks to some really constructive feedback from a number of new friends of the show, we have decided to stick with the themed show format. Why am I telling you this now? Well, we have been taking a number of requests and as I am really, really grateful that people are listening to the show, let alone taking the time to send requests, I don’t want anyone to feel they are being ignored when their track or band is not played.

So the forthcoming show schedule is:
Next Show – Rock Chixx: dedicated to the glory of rocking girls everywhere. From the Runaways and the Donnas through to the ass shaking striper anthems and tracks that make you want to shove dollar bills into the G-string of fake titted single mums the world over (this show is now recorded, so closed for requests)

Sweden Rocks – With Special Guest Conny Bloom: For little country Sweden has churned out more than it’s fair share of sleazy rock n’ roll, and this show is a tribute to the likes of Shotgun Messiah, Electric Boys, Diamond Dogs, Vains of Jenna, Glorious Bankrobbers, Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar and of course the magnificent Hellacopters. We just love Swedish Sleazy Rock N’ Roll so will happily make this a seriously long show if we get the right material, so please send us the stuff we NEED to hear. There will almost certainly be at least 2, maybe 3 MySpace bands of the week. I will also be interviewing Conny Bloom of The Electric Boys.

Sunset Strip Revisited – with special guests JETBOY: Reliving the heyday of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. There won’t be any of the obvious Guns N’ Roses or Motley Crue, but there will be loads of tracks by the forgotten heroes of the hair metal scene. We will also be chatting to Jetboy about their memories and stories from the day as well as hearing about their new album.

Brit Rock A.H. (that’s after Hanoi): From the mid80s through to the early 90s grunge and one too many ballads. The British bands that made it and those that didn’t. Dogs d’Amour, The Almighty, Thunder, The Wildhearts, Wolfsbane and loads more. There will certainly be at least one track from one of my favourite bands of the time, Rich Rags. But we need more. Do you want to hear New England, The Silverhearts, Atom Seed or Claytown Troupe? Do you remember passing out at the Marquee after yet another Little Big Horn show? If so, let us know and we’ll do our best to play your requests (of course if the tracks are really obscure, then it might help if you yousentit the tracks to us)
I’m trying to get an interview sorted for this, but as a new show, the people we want to talk to are not always that easy to convince (Jetboy were different, as we keep Billy well stocked with T-shirts from

DIY Sleaze – with special guest Alex Kane from Anti-Product: No, not a guide to getting yourself off with hack saws and chisels, but a show dedicated to those bands that have bypassed the corporate machine to self release their work. From the obvious candidates giving their work away on the social networking sites in an attempt to just get noticed, to the more creative souls out there actually paying for the recording and pressing the CDs themselves and selling a pretty impressive number of units.

Please post comments and requests to the site, look us up on Facebook (just search The Sleazy Rock N Roll Show) and email us your requests.

Thanks for your support, please remember to tell your friends and support the show by buying T-shirts from



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