Taking requests and accepting YOUR band’s songs Sleazy Rock n Roll Show

Taking requests and accepting YOUR band’s songs

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Are you in a great rock n’ roll band or do you work with one? Well, we would love to hear from you. Please send us your best tracks and if we like it, we’ll play it.  Hell, even if we don’t like it, but think others will, then we’ll still play it. Just get in touch. Email us a couple of songs and a band biog and leave the rest to us.

Wanna hear some of your favourite Sleazy Rock N’ Roll tracks on our podcast? Well, all you need to do is ask. We obviously won’t play every request but we will at least mention everyone that takes the time to write in. But do remember that we won’t be playing the obvious stuff or anything you should already have on your iPod.  So you may well love Anything Goes by Guns N’ Roses as much as we do, but we still aren’t going to play it – so think about those rare tracks that you love that you think the rest of the world should know about.

Send emails to alex at sleazyrocknrollshow dot com


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