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What Kept You Curly? Ace Frehley comes good after a 20 year wait

After the release of Chinese Democracy, giving an album the build up of “Twenty Years In The Making” is no longer something to get excited about. After all, it is also a good twenty plus years since the likes of Aerosmith and Motley Crue have made a note of music worth listening too, whilst Kiss are coming up on the 30th Anniversary of their last credible album. So imagine the surprise when Ace Frehley broke the pattern

Kiss finally in on the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame farce, but don’t dispair

The nominations for the 25th Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony have been announced with finally Kiss are on the list along with the Stooges – as well as bunch of old shite that if I start to even discuss will cause me to have a stroke.
But don’t panic as a credible alternative to the R&RHoF farce is on its way